What to Look For in a Contaminated Soil Remediation Company

Many homeowners face issues when dealing with contaminated soil remediation. For instance, an oil tank can leak and cause soil pollution, which can quickly turn into a costly problem. Whether a customer needs to reassure an insurance company or improve his or her property’s value, they should look for the below traits when searching for a soil remediation provider.

Local Experience

Different regulations, water tables and soil types can all play important roles when cleaning soil. Clients should choose local vendors because they’re likely to know about the property and the general area. A local provider can use past experience to understand the environment. Before hiring, customers should ask about past jobs and choose a company that has worked on similar properties.

Fair Prices and Quality Advice

Cost is a significant factor when a customer needs to choose the right soil remediation contractor. When hiring such a provider, customers should ask about grants and incentives from utility providers, as well as local, state and national government entities. A knowledgeable provider should be able to help a customer save money with these grants.

Good Customer Service

Soil remediation is a very important job, and customers should choose contractors with a comprehensive approach to customer service. In some cases, a company may be able to help a commercial customer attain LEED certification. Customers should look for companies with good references and testimonials from other satisfied clients.

Certification and Insurance

Contractors should be fully licensed and insured to do soil remediation work. Certifications are a great indicator of a company’s level of service, and they indicate that a provider follows industry standards. Customers should ask for proof of licensing, certification and insurance, as it shows that the work will be done efficiently and safely.

Removing contaminated soil can be a complex project for anyone, and choosing the right contractor is extremely important. If a property is in need of soil remediation, the owner should not try to do the job without help. By looking for a contractor with the above listed traits, a customer can get the work done and get their soil back into good shape.